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Add Image to Favorite List 1999-08-27 Europa Galileo
Solid-State Imaging
Thera and Thrace are two dark, reddish regions of enigmatic terrain that disrupt the older icy ridged plains on Jupiter's moon Europa. North is toward the top of the mosaic obtained by NASA's Galileo spacecraft.
Thera and Thrace on Europa
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Add Image to Favorite List 1998-05-21 Europa Galileo
Solid-State Imaging
During the two year Galileo Europa Mission (GEM), NASA's Galileo spacecraft will focus intensively on Jupiter's intriguing moon, Europa. This montage shows samples of some of the features that will be imaged during eight successive orbits.
Europa Imaging Highlights During GEM
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Add Image to Favorite List 1998-03-26 Europa Galileo
Solid-State Imaging
This image of Europa's southern hemisphere was obtained by the solid state imaging system onboard NASA's Galileo spacecraft during its sixth orbit of Jupiter, taken on Feb. 20, 1997.
Thera and Thrace Macula on Europa
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