PIA25964: Io Over the Years
 Target Name:  Io
 Is a satellite of:  Jupiter
 Mission:  Juno
 Spacecraft:  Juno
 Instrument:  JunoCam
 Product Size:  2261 x 1892 pixels (w x h)
 Produced By:  Malin Space Science Systems
 Full-Res TIFF:  PIA25964.tif (6.142 MB)
 Full-Res JPEG:  PIA25964.jpg (235.3 kB)

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Original Caption Released with Image:

This composite image depicts the visible changes on the surface of Jupiter's moon Io in the region around Volund, as seen by three NASA spacecraft.

The top left image of Io was taken by the JunoCam imager aboard NASA's Juno spacecraft on May 16, 2023. An annotated version of the same image at top right highlights the location of the Volund region where volcanic activity is known to take place.

The bottom left image shows the Volund region as imaged by NASA's Galileo spacecraft in September 1996. The image is crisper than the one of the Volund region at bottom center – taken by NASA's New Horizons mission in February 2007 – because the Galileo's flyby distance was much closer. At bottom right is a zoomed-in view of the above JunoCam image with annotations highlighting the changes to the active volcanoes known as Volund A and Volund B. The growth of the darker gray diffuse areas in the vicinity of Volund A and B indicate two lava flows that have increased in size and surround the volcanoes.

North is to the top of all images.

JunoCam's raw images are available for the public to peruse and process into image products at https://missionjuno.swri.edu/junocam/processing. More information about NASA citizen science can be found at https://science.nasa.gov/citizenscience and https://www.nasa.gov/solve/opportunities/citizenscience.

More information about Juno is at
https://www.nasa.gov/juno and https://missionjuno.swri.edu.

Image Credit:
Galileo: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona
Image data: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS
Image processing: Jason Perry (CC BY)

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