PIA17308: Transneptunian Object Sizes (Artist's Concept)
 Target Name:  Kuiper Belt
 Product Size:  2100 x 1995 pixels (w x h)
 Produced By:  NASA
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These artist's concepts show some of the best known objects found outside Neptune's orbit. Included are Pluto and fellow plutinos, Kuiper Belt Objects, and an Oort Cloud object. The sizes of these objects that inhabit the outer Solar System are compared to Earth. The images were labeled with official designations and temporary nicknames before some of the objects got their official names:

Top row (left to right): Eris and its moon, Dysnomia; Pluto and Charon and two of its much smaller four moons; and Makemake.

Bottom row (left to right): Haumea and its moons; Sedna; and Quaoar.

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