PIA14438: Integration Test of Jason-3 Advanced Microwave Radiometer Instrument
 Mission:  Jason-3
 Spacecraft:  Jason-3
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JPL technicians perform a practice run of the mechanical integration sequence that will be used to mate the Jason-3 spacecraft's Advanced Microwave Radiometer instrument to the Jason-3 satellite. The radiometer is one of three NASA-built instruments that are integral components of Jason-3. It measures radiation from Earth's surface at three frequencies to determine the amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere, which affects the accuracy of the Jason-3 altimeter measurements.

For more information on Jason-3, visit: http://sealevel.jpl.nasa.gov/missions/jason3/.

Photojournal Note: The Jason-3 launch date is Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016, 10:42 A.M. PST.

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