PIA05567: Sedna Size Comparisons (Artist's Concept)
 Target Name:  Sedna
 Instrument:  Samuel Oschin Telescope 
 Product Size:  3000 x 2400 pixels (w x h)
 Produced By:  California Institute of Technology 
 Full-Res TIFF:  PIA05567.tif (11.78 MB)
 Full-Res JPEG:  PIA05567.jpg (695 kB)

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The artist's rendition shows the newly discovered planet-like object, dubbed "Sedna," in relation to other bodies in the solar system, including Earth and its Moon; Pluto; and Quaoar, a planetoid beyond Pluto that was until now the largest known object beyond Pluto. The diameter of Sedna is slightly smaller than Pluto's but likely somewhat larger than Quaoar.

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