PIA15658: NGC 7293, the Helix Nebula
Target Name: Helix Nebula
Mission: Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX)
Spacecraft: GALEX Orbiter
Instrument: Ultraviolet/Visible Camera
Product Size: 2920 x 2920 pixels (width x height)
Produced By: IPAC-Caltech
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NGC 7293, better known as the Helix nebula, displays its ultraviolet glow courtesy of NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX). The Helix is the nearest example of a planetary nebula, which is the eventual fate of a star, like our own Sun, as it approaches the end of its life. As it runs out of fuel, the star expels its outer envelope of gas outward to form a nebula like the Helix. The remaining core of the star is a small, hot, dense remnant known as a white dwarf.

For information about the Galaxy Evolution Explorer, go to: http://www.galex.caltech.edu.

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