PIA06024: Lahontan Crater Looms (right eye)
Target Name: Mars
Is a satellite of: Sol (our sun)
Mission: Mars Exploration Rover (MER)
Spacecraft: Spirit
Instrument: Navigation Camera
Product Size: 2613 x 1200 pixels (width x height)
Produced By: JPL
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This right eye in a stereo pair of views was assembled from three navigation camera images that NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit acquired on sol 120 (May 5, 2004). The image highlights a crater approximately 70 meters (230 feet) in diameter that scientists have informally named "Lahontan." This image also reveals a wind-ripple feature in the foreground and a distant look at the Columbia Hills on the Horizon, Spirit's planned final destination.

See PIA6022 for 3-D view and PIA06023 for left eye view of this right eye cylindrical-perspective projection.

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