PIA00094: Limb of Copernicus Impact Crater
Target Name: Moon
Is a satellite of: Earth
Mission: Lunar Orbiter
Spacecraft: Lunar Orbiter
Instrument: 610 Millimeter Lunar Orbiter Camera
Product Size: 2000 x 1100 pixels (width x height)
Produced By: U.S. Geological Survey
Addition Date: 1998-06-03
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Copernicus is 93 km wide and is located within the Mare Imbrium Basin, northern nearside of the Moon (10 degrees N., 20 degrees W.). Image shows crater floor, floor mounds, rim, and rayed ejecta. Rays from the ejecta are superposed on all other surrounding terrains which places the crater in its namesake age group: the Copernican system, established as the youngest assemblage of rocks on the Moon (Shoemaker and Hackman, 1962, The Moon: London, Academic Press, p.289- 300).

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